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It’s what they call “the holiday time” so it’s soldering time … Based on British math whiz John Conway’s “Game of Life”. In the Game of Life, a collection of cells lives, dies or multiplies based on a few mathematical rules). DDT designed an easy-to-solder kit that is cheap and scalable. Each Game of Life board contains 16 LEDs in a 4×4 grid, a microcontroller, and a communications and power distribution network. Boards can act alone, or can be plugged together, border to border, to create a larger display –

Here are some photos from my build, made 4 and also fab’ed up an acrylic case – Link. I’m going to add a timer so it repeats the game every 30 secs or so, yay 555.


  • Game of Life Board – Link.
  • Game of Life Board @ the MAKE store – Link.
  • Dropout Design – Link.

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