I Want Candy

This candy striped ring is the perfect way to approach the holidays: take something old and tired and look at it from a different angle. All of a sudden that cliched mint looks fresh and modern! Lane’s other jewelry also borrows from a more colorful past, which is a nice thing to keep in mind during gloomy winter days. Be sure to check out her shop on Etsy, Guava Lava: there’s a great sensibility in action here. I love the colors and shapes she plays around with, and lucite should never have gone out of style…I asked her a few questions about what cheers her up all winter long.

Arwen: How did you first get involved with crafting?
Like many crafters, I did crafts as a child, including a lot of embroidery with my mother. Later, in junior high and high school, I picked up some jewelry-making, mostly beaded earrings and necklaces. My style was more bohemian back then, lots of turquoise, crystals and porcupine quills. That was kinda short-lived, then I got back into it after quitting a very busy job and moving to a small town. I guess it was out of boredom and looking for something to fill up my newly-discovered free time.

Arwen: What inspires you?
Other crafters. Styles of the past. So many things are inspirational, from bright colors and mod shapes to organic forms. I try to stick to one “style” for Guava Lava so the individual pieces have a common theme, but I actually still love bohemian-inspired crafts a lot.

Arwen: What are some of your most important influences?
Again, other crafters. My mom; she was a basket weaver when I was growing up. She always had her own style and encouraged me to be my own person. And my friend, Alison (of appleseeds on Etsy), is a definitely an influence for me. She actually encouraged me to start crafting and develop an Etsy site.

Arwen: How do you decide what to make each day?
I never know. Sometimes my husband gives me great ideas.

Arwen: What are your favorite crafting books/magazines/websites?
I don’t read alot of them. Mostly I cruise Etsy and the internet to see what crafters are up to. I love this old book of embroidery from the early 1970s called Native Funk + Flash. And, of course, Martha.

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