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Here’s our new Make Projects: Small Form Factor PC ebook (sample chapter) on LinuxDevices…

“This detailed book chapter describes how to add a Linux-based, Bluetooth-connected control interface to a scrolling LED sign. The 35-page chapter is excerpted from Make Projects: Small Form Factor PCs, a 232-page O’Reilly book featuring nine interesting and instructive embedded projects, many based on Linux.”Link.

Make Projects: Small Form Factor PCs is the only book available that shows you how to build small-form-factor PCs — from kits and from scratch — that are more interesting and more personalized than what a full-sized PC can give you. Included in the book are projects for building personal video recorders, versatile wireless access points, digital audio jukeboxes, portable firewalls, and much more. This book shows you how to build eight different systems, from the shoebox-sized Shuttle system down to the stick-of-gum-sized gumstix – Link.

Thanks gnomic.

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