Needlepoint Case

For a friend’s birthday, I decided to make the needlepoint Nintendo DS case created by rosered on Crafster (CRAFT post here). I loved the retro Nintendo game control look and it was a perfect gift to my video game loving friend. I wanted to make this fast, so I went with a larger plastic grid to speed things up! In doing so, I made some modifications along the way. Needlepoint is an easy craft to learn and do. This is the perfect first project to pick up and learn the basic needlepoint stitch. After you make this case, you’ll be able to needlepoint just about everything!

Here’s an modified tutorial along with a downloadable grid in PDF and Adobe Illustrator format (If you want to modify the file yourself to change things). Thank you rosered for the inspiration! You can easily make one of these in less than one week! Keep reading for the full tutorial and photos.

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