Color Controllable High Power Lighting – no longer for billionaires only! Build your own fully color controllable RGB room or spot lighting for under $100. Perhaps you are asking yourself: "why would i want an any-color light?" well, for starters you can give your pets a virtual color make-over! ever wondered if Fido might look better in purple? perhaps you’d like to see your makeup the way Bono’s seeing it with those blue-lens sunglasses? or maybe you’re sick of your almond-white wall paint and want to give it just a tweak of eggshell today? of course, it’s a gimme for the dance-party, but you can also use it to tweak the shade on your existing room lighting, or as a standalone to get any shade of white (and perfect color rendering) – invaluable for visual arts. in search of an existential crisis? i just spent a good half an hour with this light staring at my hand and trying to figure out what color it is *supposed* to be.

– Controller can power up to 360 watts of LED lighting – between 3 and 100+ power LED’s
– Analog dial or slider for Red, Green and Blue – create an infinite number of light colors!
– Includes current-limiting protection circuit
– Simple 7-component thru-hole circuit – No microcontrollers or programming!
– Controller cost: $25
– 50-watt, 15-LED lamp cost: $50
– Efficient: 50 watts of LED light equals 100 to 150 watts of incandescent light.
– Efficient: 80-90% controller efficiency
– Controller can be used with a variety of power sources
– Recycled materials & electronics: 20-40%

I’ve included a lot of detail in this instructable that applies to any power-LED project, and i’ve got several other power-LED instructables too, check those out for other notes & ideas

here’s the video (it looks *way* better in person, the video camera just can’t capture the richness of the colors):

By: dan

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