Jason made a cardboard version of the iPhone to show how it sizes up against other devices…

“Apple’s new iPhone looks like a thing of beauty. Widescreen touch interface, no buttons, runs OS X, useful widgets, integrated email, Google Maps, Google/Yahoo search, visual voicemail (see who voicemail is from before you call), SMS, Wifi, etc. etc. Oh, and it plays music.

A lot of people are wondering just how big this thing is. Using the technical specs from apple.com, I grabbed some cardboard, scissors, and glue and made a scale model of the iPhone. Here it is…”Link.

I have a feeling a lot of people are going to carry around cardboard versions of this phone for awhile… On a related note, I should know the materials used on the iPhone shortly and I’m 99% sure it will look great once customized, with a freaking laser.

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