Before you make a picture frame you have to have some molding. Even if it is only on paper (or screen). In this tutorial we will make the molding, and in the next we will make a frame.

But first, a history lesson. In the

In the old ink-on-mylar days, remember when you had to spit on your drawing to erase it? No, I didn’t think so. Then came vellum and HB lead in clutch pencils with 8H guidelines. Praise the guy who invented the electric eraser! The first CAD program the Navy got was run on a R2D2 type console with a very small screen. Fast forward, and one of the first things to become obvious was the need to reuse a design, or a part, over and over again. After all, the foundation for the Captain’s coffee pot had to withstand high seas and potential explosions. Even if the pot itself was only a Mr. Coffee. And every ship has a Captain.

Skip to the future–Amen. I currently design using Alibre Design. This instructable is for Alibre users and assumes that you are familiar with Alibre basics. If you are not I recommend that you work through the tutorials. They are very easy to follow and will have you up to speed in no time.

Now let’s make some molding.

By: woodknot

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