If you want to start a garden one of the cheapest ways to do so is to start your own plants from seeds. You can go out and buy a mini-greenhouse but why do it when you can make one. All you need is a plastic container (I’ll use a soda bottle) some potting soil, and some seeds. The seeds you can buy or collect it doesn’t matter.

You don’t need to use grow lights with this method either as we’ll take advantage of the free light the sun provides. It’s a really easy and cheap way to start plants for a garden that’s either there for your enjoyment or for growing your own food.

After you’ve grown your seeds you can use it to beautify your home, or do some guerrilla gardening, donate them to charity or sell your plants for raise money for your favorite cause.

Who doesn’t love plants?

(that was rhetorical)

By: MrBrownThumb

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