In case your calendars haven’t already alerted you, it’s Learn to Solder Month! As cold weather sets in and darkness comes early, why not curl up next to the warm soldering iron and try your hand at
learning how to solder?

As part of Learn to Solder Month, guides on how to solder have begun to appear all over the place, including Make Magazine’s How To Solder Skill Building Work Shop by Joe Grand and Boing Boing’s link to a Street Tech How-To by Gareth Branwyn. We even have our own right here! — How to solder.

For many of our best Instructables, soldering is a fundamental skill, and one where you just can’t have too many guides or references. So for the entire month of January, if you post an Instructable whose main purpose is to teach an aspect of soldering, we’ll send you an Instructables patch.

Any aspect of soldering at all is fair game and will earn you a patch. If the technique you want to teach has already been covered here or anywhere else, that’s OK – give your Instructable a personal touch and highlight specific details that helped you. Cover the basics, or go into great depth on a specific aspect. Your Instructable must meet our minimum criteria, which includes good images, preferably ones using macro, and proper spelling and grammar. Add your Instructable to the How to Solder group so it’s easy to find.

Here are some of the other guides that you might find useful:
Make Magazine’s soldering guide
Soldering guide by Tom Hammond hosted at

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