We’ve all seen the rough tapes of the landing on the moon, but it turns out that the original tapes were of much better quality.

Not long ago, Lebar learned why the footage had looked like mush: The transfer and broadcast had degraded the image badly, like a third-generation photocopy. “What the world saw was some bastardized thing,” says Lebar, now 81. “Posterity deserves more than that.” Good thing the engineers in Australia recorded the raw feed. Now Lebar and a crew of seasoned space cowboys are trying to get that original footage and show it to the world.

There is just one problem: NASA has lost the tapes.

I want to know, are there any tv stations that didn’t send in their footage and have it hidden? TV stations, dig into your archives! – [via] Link

Update: It looks like they might be found! Thanks Christian! – Link
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