The folks at instructables have declared that it’s Learn To Solder Month! Make sure to watch the Make: video podcast about soldering and then head on over to instructables to catch the soldering action! Make your own soldering instructable and get a patch!

Make: Soldering Tutorial – Link

Gareth’s awesome howto PDF – Link

Howto solder – Link

Tin the Tip – Link

What NOT to do when soldering – Link

Soldering Maintenance – Link

Soldering Paste Stencils – Link

Hot Air Sodering Iron – Link

Soldering underneath chips – Link

Solder exhaust fan – Link

Improving a 3rd Hand – Link

Super Simple Soldering Arms – Link

Homemade nearly-free Soldering Iron Stand – Link

Check them out as more people submit soldering instructables through the end of the month – Link

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