Well here’s that cannon I’ve been talking about.
It can be 2 to 10 feet long depending on how big your rubberbands are. It takes a while to load, especially if you made it really long; I was able to load a 2 ft one in 10 seconds, and the 4.5 ft one in 20 seconds.
It is deffinately the most powerful Knex gun I’ve ever seen or heard of, so be careful and don’t shoot anything you’ll regret losing. I havn’t tested its distance yet (because it’s cold outside) but I’d have to imagine it shoots over 100 ft. (when it’s a little warmer i might post a video showing how far it shoots)

Surprisingly it doesn’t take up too many pieces if you make a small one. So enjoy the Knex cannon! =)

WARNING: Knex pieces will be broken when you shoot this at somthing hard.

By: oodalumps

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