Nginuity from the Hacked Gadgets forums made a fun Altoids tin morse code oscillator…

“I finally finished that morse code oscillator I was working on. It works okay for what it is, but I have some serious heat dissipation issues I need to look into for next time. The caps going to ground get real hot if I keep the morse keyer depressed, and, the pitch gets higher as it heats up too. That 500 ohm pot is REAL hot to the touch. I think with beefier components (I was thinking of replacing the ceramic caps with tantalum), and a diode in between pin 7 and pin 2 of the 555 timer, and a zener diode between pin 2, and the 15 K resistor will bring down the heat a bit. The diodes were suggested for a more stable duty cycle anyway. “ [via] – Link.


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