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Monopole made a panoramic camera rig constructed for less than $70 from a surplus telescope “GOTO” mount –

“This is a surplus Meade DS2100 series “GOTO” telescope mount and the corresponding tripod. The telescope mount has been sawed off and a Bogen/Manfroto quick release bolted on. To serve as a panoramic mount an “L” bracket was mounted to the quick release to serve as a base for the camera. While I employed the autostitch program to compensate for the shifting nodal point in this assembly, with the incorporation of a slider bar (and reversal of the camera orientation) a stationary nodal point may be achieved. The mount & tripod assembly is cheap, (~$70) stable, portable and allows for precise and repeatable control of pitch and yaw rotation. If a Meade 479 controller and a remote camera trigger such as a LANC control is available the process of panoramic photography may be fully automated.”Link.


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