This circuit bent Speak and Math has been felted! More circuit bending posts to come as I try and figure out how to do it!

Underneath all the felt is a Speak & Math . The original buttons are all operational. As I’m sure that there’s no mystery surrounding what a bent Speak device should sound like, so I’ll not post a clip. That being said, my excitement compells me to tell you about the mods. The switches are two different loops and an angry switch. The big square button is a momentary loop that can occasionally produce distortion when used in conjunction with one of the other loops. The top small button is a tone, and the other one makes a fluttery sound. There’s also some body contacts on the sides. I’ll cop to using a schematic for the pitch knob (as I had pretty much no idea at all how to do it) but the rest of the bends are the result of trial and error.

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