Is your car’s headliner sagging? Is it terribly dirty? Well here the solution for you! The following will show you how to recover your drab old headliner. I will not only be recovering, but changing my color from gray to black.

I bought 6 yards of fabric – I opted for a "headliner material" which is foam backed
2 Cans of 3M 90 Spray on Adhesive (Do not go cheap on your adhesive)

Headliner Material: 6 yds. @ $11/yd = $66 | 50% off coupon = $33
Adhesive: 2 @ $13/ea = $26

Considering I’m not using all of the material (only half of the headliner) — lets say the total cost is no more than $50.


Headliner Removal: 45mins <– never done it before
Removing old material and preparing: 60min
Recovering: 60min <– a lot of wait time
Covering Pillars: 20min per set (3 sets)
Covering Sunroof Slide: 20min:
Installation: 30 min

So, this is a good weekend job – remove headliner on Friday (maybe prepare too). Recover on Saturday. Install on Sunday 🙂

Some vehicles are equipped with curtain airbags located in the headliner itself. I don’t know how the airbag deploys nor do I know if the headliner material will effect operation. Likewise for pillar mounted airbags. That is one system you don’t want to screw around with. <– Just like seat mounted airbags — you’re not putting seat covers over them right? 😛

By: trebuchet03

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