Customizing a Mac OS X Widget might seem a daunting task. It’s not really. It’s a mater of understanding what the Widget does and then add to that.

In the case of the Unit Converter, what it does, it does beautifully. It makes just about any conversion from and to related units. Ever wonder how many BTUs (British Thermal Units) make up a Calorie? Just pull up the Unit Converter, select the Energy catagory, the BTU and Calories sub-catagories and enter ‘1’ into the BTU area. You’re immediately told that it’s 251.99576 calories. Yea, it could have rounded this to 252 calories, but that would end up corrupting the data if you chose to then convert those Calories to Joules and then back to BTUs. With any rounding, you’d end up with screwed up results. Just accept the exact results and do your own rounding as needed.

Now, where it’s lacking, is that it doesn’t do Numeric conversions. I’m confronted frequently by people that just can’t understand why that 10GB Hard drive they just purchased has less than 9.5GB. Well, let’s see if the Unit Converter can answer that…

By: LasVegas

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