Make your own PIC programmer for your computer’s parallel port. This is a variation of David Tait’s classic design. It is very reliable and there is good programming software available for free. I like IC-Prog and PICpgm programmer.

** This is a new variation and it didn’t work 100% correctly on the first attempt. I guess I got ahead of myself.. I have built several variations, and I thought I was on top of things. 🙂 There are several changes, but everything worked out in the end. So pay attention, and maybe you’ll learn from my mistakes.

You need:
A male DB25 socket
4x NPN transistors, such as the 2n3904
1x PNP transistor, such as the 2n3906
1x 7805 voltage regulator
1x LM317 voltage regulator (and appropriate resistors to make 12.5V)
1x 10k SIP resistor network
4x 10k resistors
1x 22k resistor* update for step 3
1x 5k resistor
1x 1k resistor* update for step 3
1x machined-pin chip socket
soldering iron, protoboard, wraping wire, wrapping tool, glue gun.

By: klee27x

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