Winter Tree #2

Nancy Veltri’s clean, elegant prints for Modern Art Everyday do what they promise. I love her Winter Tree print both for its spare lines and lovely color; it’s not often that a bare tree cheers me up instead of getting me down. Make sure to check out her shop (she’s having a sale!) for cute prints of trees and flowers and dogs. I love her Dahlia prints, and she has some nice calendars, too.

Arwen: How did you first get involved with crafting?
I can’t remember a time when crafting and art haven’t been a part of my life. I became even more involved in crafting when I became a homeowner. Crafting allows me to create my own unique items to beautify and personalize my space.

Arwen: What’s your background?
My background is in textile / surface design. I am currently an indie designer / artist. I’m owner of Veltri Design, a surface design studio, and co-owner (with my mom!) of 4 Tails Design Group, a web and graphic design firm specializing in small business identity. My latest (and most enjoyable) project is Modern Art Everyday where I create affordable contemporary art for the home and sell my work through Etsy.

Arwen: What process do you use? Why?
I use a combination of drawing, painting and digital media to create my work. I set aside time everyday to create a new piece of art. This allows me to improve my craft on a daily basis, keep my work fresh and my creative energy flowing.

Arwen: What inspires you?
I’m inspired by patterns, texture, color, nature, and my goofy dog, as well as interior, Scandinavian and modern design.

Arwen: What’s one tip you’d give to other crafters?
Do something creative everyday.

Arwen: What are your favorite crafting books/magazines/websites?
One of my favorite new crafting books is Amy Butler’s In Stiches. I love all the fun and modern sewing projects. Some of my favorite websites / blogs include
freshly{blended}, Reprodepot, ReadyMade blog,, cake + pie, Kate’s Paperie, Etsy, and indie collective.

Arwen: What are some of your most important influences?
My husband, my mom and other independent artists and designers.

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