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Shollen writes –

“I’ve recently been faced with a large, empty apartment, a budget, and about a week to make it feel like a home. Furnishing via Craig’s List had always been my plan, but with two living rooms? Oh, also, by the way, we can’t fit anything larger than the smallest loveseat up our stairwell. The one that did make it up here was the result of a 45 minute battle with geometry. The stairwell lost-and not without some wounds to show for it-but we weren’t about to invite another couch to war. Didn’t they have large pieces of furniture in the early 1900’s? What gives?

Anyhow, my sister and I were pondering our large-empty-space, low-budget problems (and recognizing that there was no possibility of solving either problem with big cheap couches) while sitting in the window seat of a downtown Providence Starbucks. Now, wait…we can bring materials up the stairwell… 12 cinder blocks and 32 square feet of particle board later the project had started.” Thanks Andrew! – Link.

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