The machine project has a contest for LA makers (make a DIY Easy-Bake oven) Mark and Carla are judges – go win!

Dear friends,

Machine, Make Magazine and Superbunker are very excited to announce DORKBAKE!

What we know at this time:

  1. We are inviting teams or individuals to construct small baking ovens using only the heat of a 100-watt incandescent bulb.
  2. The makers of said ovens shall compete in a public bake-off with said ovens on the evening of Feb 3rd. Ingredients will be provided to all competitors at the event.
  3. Winners shall be judged on engineering, aesthetics and tastiness. Prizes include subscriptions to MAKE and CRAFT, a free class at Machine, electronic kits and other goodies.
  4. The name Easy-Bake Oven is property of Hasbro and shall not be mentioned again.
  5. A Registration fee of $13.37 per team is required to compete. Registration and more details available here


  • FAQ is available here – Link.
  • machine project » DORKBAKE Link.

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