Syscomp Electronic Design have some great USB lab instruments: Oscilloscope, waveform generator, network analyzers and microcomputer kits. The software is open source for Mac, PC and Linux… but the hardware isn’t. I’m going to see if they’d consider changing that and also doing kits…

“You know how useful it is to have your own computer, think what you could do with your own electronics lab.

  • Complete lab exercises outside of scheduled lab hours
  • Learn at your own speed
  • Explore new circuits
  • Equip a hobby workshop

System Features

  • Virtual Front Panels: all controls are operated from the computer host
  • Open source software runs under Windows and Linux
  • Computer-Based for storage, processing, and printing of results
  • Exchange data with other programs such as spreadsheets and mathematical analysis suites
  • Modular design accommodates any combination of instruments and makes the system expandable with new instruments
  • Connects easily to any computer via a USB port

Use the instruments separately or combine multiple instruments to create new measurement capabilities such as a curve tracer.”


  • Open Instrumentation Project – Link.

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