Without getting into too much detail (i’ll save that for my blog), suffice it to say, I HATE DRM! I have several players, including an HP RX1955 that claims to be Plays4Sure, that will not play DRM-ed files. Two of them will only play mp3s at 128kbps or lower at 44100Hz.

That being Said, I love Real Rhapsody’s Rhapsody 2 Go! The ability to stream, download, and carry with me as many music files as I like in a month for 14.99 is awesome, and the speed and quality of the streaming is really exemplary. The only problem is the damn DRM and the related issues of older hardware, compatibility, and backup, as well as the limitations it places on my ownership rights.

Therefore, I’ll be outlining here my ( theoretical 😉 of course ) process for creating more usable and morally acceptable forms of these files. The process, if carried out, may be illegal under the seriously screwed up "legalities" of the RIAA. Please utilize this "fair use" information only for informational purposes, and don’t blame me if they terminate your service based on speculation.

By: gschoppe

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