this is the one, the only, the shifle. in case you dont already know, the shifle is a pump- action shotgun/ rifle, with the ability to shoot 50 rounds in under a minute. this gun shoots about 30 feet, but shotguns arent usually used for long-range combat, but rather for close-range combat.


barrel style: ipod killer’s drop-in type

magazine style: ipod killer’s 5,11, or 50 (recomended) shot magazines

trigger system: backwards pull-release system (by ipod killer, but mine is backwards)

pump system: sliding wheel and pully system

ammunition type: yellow rods

handle type: ipod killer’s sniper handle- shortened

slider type: one slot gray connector to gray rod slide

firing pin style: large rod -strengthened black- and blue extender connected withstring spindle.

By: mepain

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