Wooster has an update about the worldwide Space Invader art project that seems to appear in every city –

“Along with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, we’ve been obsessed by Space Invader’s work for years. This week, Invader updated his website, and for the first time, posted a Q&A which gives some background and explains what his project is all about. We thought we’d pass it along. In addition to checking out Invaders site here, you should also check out Invader Flickr pool which includes over 3,600 photos.”Link & FAQ.

Pictured here, Derrière l’Assemblée Nationale 07è – by yoyolabellut.


  • Space Invaders – Link.
  • Invader Flickr pool – Link.
  • RUBIKCUBISM – Space Invader Art! – Link.

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