There’s nothing wrong with canned Tuna fish. I know plenty of people that won’t eat it. But I was raised in South Florida where fresh warm water seafood can be found just about everywhere and at a reasonable cost. So a variety of seafood made up my diet growing up and I just love it.

Canned tuna fish provides an interesting base platform – for experimentation of course. You’ve probably seen or at least heard of someone plopping in some mayo and dumping whatever seasoning within arms reach. Well my friend, there’s no mayo here. In fact, I just came up with both of these "recipes" about an hour ago.

The salsa tuna was inspired from canida’s comment here. Where else can I use salsa? America’s favorite (by consumption) condiment.

On the subject of seafood. Should you ever find yourself in the Florida Keys, specifically Marathon Key, do stop at Keys Fisheries and try to Lobster Reuben. If you told me I would die next week, that’s one stop I’d be making 😉 The cost is decent (it’s counter service) and you get to eat on the docks of their marina 😉 Guess how many Lobster Reubens served that month and you’ll get a free one for next visit 😉

Alternatively, if you find yourself in Dania (not far fro Ft. Lauderdale) stop at the Rustic Inn Crab House – try the garlic crabs and bring a fresh change of clothing. Be prepared to leave fuller and your wallet a little thinner (garlic crabs are $26). If possible, eat on the barge or on the dock 😉

By: trebuchet03

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