I bought a pair of Nike sunglasses with flexon frames a few years back. They were the only pair in the whole shop that would fit around my gargantuan head. I used to crumple up my sunglasses in an impossible shape just to amaze my friends when they bounced back. That finally came back to bite me when the bridge snapped and I suddenly had two pairs of sunglasses for one-eyed pirates. The flexon alloy doesn’t lend itself to being soldered directly and there just isn’t enough material to tape (not that I would where them in public like that, but I did try). I needed a tube made of a metal that bonded well with lead and tin that I could insert both sides of the bridge into and solder. D&J Hobby on Saratoga Ave in San Jose had just the right tubing from K&S Engineering. For this project, you will need:

– Small pliers
– sandpaper
– a saw, small tube cutter or abrasive cutoff tool to cut the tubing
– Soldering iron
– rosin core solder
– Acid Brush and Alcohol to clean the rosin after the repair
– A dab of clear finger nail polish
– 0.25 – 0.5 inches copper tubing with an inside diameter slightly larger than the outside diameter of your bridge. Square tubing is available if the bridge you are repairing isn’t round. ( http://www.djhobby.com/ (retail) or http://www.ksmetals.com/ (wholesale))

By: bill.schuller

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