Wireless audio performance systems free the performer from being tied directly to the amplifier, allowing them to perform some pretty awesome leg kicks and righteous spin moves. But how cool is it to spend all your beer money on equipment? I would say, pretty damn uncool. These systems are very expensive. For example, the Shure PG14 Performance Gear Wireless Guitar System costs $450.00 for a receiver, transmitter, and instrument cable. $450.00? Personally, if I spent $450.00 on something, I would damn sure want to be able drive it in a destruction derby. I was pondering these thoughts the other day, and I’m here to tell you, dear reader, that your old pal Aimless J. Lackluster has come up with a solution for the performer on a budget. It may not sound as clean as the $450.00 version, but it works, it’s simple, and you’ll save enough money to feed the habits which feed your creativity. Clean, pure sound is for the Phil Collinses of the music world. Personally, I have no use for that type of "perfection."

DISCLAIMER: This is a lo-fi wireless audio system. In my mind, the sound quality and the freedom of motion is worth way more than what could be expected from about $5 and ten minutes of work, but these things tend to be subjective. If you want pure clean sound, you discriminating virtuoso you, save your pennies and spring for the $450+ professional version.

By: Aimless J. Lackluster

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