Whoosh! The gleaming projectile hurtles towards the stars, trailing vapour and open mouths.

Well, sort of.

Rockets are popular. Big, powerful and, above all, expensive. Shuttle launches cost billions of dollars a shot, and unmanned launches aren’t much cheaper. You can, of course, do it yourself. Burt Rutan has his own company that builds rockets as well as aircraft, and the British Starchaser team are working on their own system for launching tourists and satellites.

Unfortunately, ‘real’ rocketry is far beyond the scope most pockets, and even modest-sized liquid and solid-fuelled rockets are too expensive for the casual hobbyist. They are more in the realm of the dedicated enthusiast. Toyshops sell kits by companies like Estes, and high-power models are also available online, but they are still a bit of a stretch for the casual pocket, costing up to several tens of pounds per launch. This instructable describes three ways of getting into rocketry on a pocket-money budget.

By: Kiteman

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