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MAKE Flickr photo pool member Andrew has a clever USB enclosure, 2GB chapstick, he writes –

I just bought a new 2GB USB flash drive, and it happened to be sitting on the desk the other day next to a tube of Chap Stick. It looked like a perfect match once I got the drive out of it’s case, but it ended up being a little too big to fit in the tube. I took it to work and bored the tube out on the lathe during my lunch break, made a few notches in the base and the bottom cap with the die grinder, sanded the edges of the circuit board a little, and finally got it to fit perfectly. Looks pretty good, even the LED shines through the bottom. Hopefully it will fare better when it ends up going through the dryer in my pants pocket than a regular tube of Chap Stick does.

2GB chapstick – Link.

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