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I found this neat project on www.crazyguyonabike.com, great, cheap, waterproof panniers!

Why pay hundreds of dollars for bike panniers (see pic) when you can construct your own for less than $50?

Check this out:

I put together a new set of Bike Buckets this morning and thought I’d take some photos of the process. Some are a bit blurry as my camera’s macro mode turns itself off quite quickly, but I think they’re still useable.

While I didn’t look at the clock, I did complete the pair during one episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants, so I figure it’s about 30 minutes. Your first one will probably take longer.

Here’s what you need:

The buckets are "Ropak 4 Gallon Square with Lid" models. Buying these new costs about $4 each, but I get them free with $7 worth of cat litter (which is cheaper than buying the bags. Don’t ask me, I’m not an economist.)

The hooks near the drill are sold in hardware stores as "rope cleats", and these one are about 2" tall. The bolts are Phillips head #10 x 1/2", stainless steel. The nuts are to match, but this time I happened to have 4 Nylok nuts and 4 normal ones (couldn’t find 8 Nyloks.) I use small washers under the bolt heads and large ones under the nuts, to help spread the load.

Not shown are a pair of short bungee cords to use as tensioners.

By: ridecruz88

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