This is my first instructable. I was bored one afternoon when i was off college so i decided to make a scalpel and share how i did it. I’ll have to warn you though, before i continue: this thing is as sharp as you make it. I also blued mine, with nasty toxic bluing solution. Be safe

Make and Mark the basic shape

I snapped off a piece of carbon steel hacksaw blade aboout 3 inches long, that’s 10 CMs. I chose a piece form the end of the blade becasue it’s got a hole in the end, and that might come in useful for something. I used a marker pen to mark the bits i wanted to grind away. My camera’s not that good, so you can’t see that I marked the teeth of the blade too.

Grind the shape

Using a bench grinder (sorry, but I couldn’t figure out…

By: Vendigroth

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