What to give the brave culinary experimenter who has to have everything in pink?

Pink blender? yep.
Pink kitchenware? of course.
Pink bakeware? check.
Pink apron? two of them.
Pink fire suppression device?……

It started out as a joke, and just might be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift… (we’ll see)

Fire Extinguisher
Blue Painter’s Tape (or masking tape)
600 grit waterproof sandpaper
Rust-Oleum "Painter’s Touch" – #1950 Berry Pink
Rust-Oleum "Painter’s Touch" – #1901 Gloss Clear (optional)
Isopropyl alcohol
Rubbing compound
Plastic bags (use hardware store bag from above purchases)
Paper towels

Eye protection
Nitrile gloves
Respirator, or Particulate air-filter
Razor, X-Acto, or really sharp knife

By: gelstudios

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