Don’t you hate when the aglets(tips) of your shoelaces crack off, leaving them to fray?
This can be fixed simply and easily.
Edit- apparently noahw beat me to it! I thought of this myself but I found he posted the same thing in December after someone pointed it out.


All you need is some heat-shrink tubing and a heatsource. I used a lighter. As far as heatshrink tubing goes, you can get a pack with 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4inch diameter tubing in red, white, blue, and transparent for $2.99 at Radio Shack. I used 1/8 because it fit perfect.

Cut and install tubing.

Insert the frayed lace into the tube until it is inserted to the length of the old tips and trim the tube. It took some pinching and twisting to get the lace in but the t…

By: BuilderboY

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