This instructable will teach you how to make a simple booklamp for one person to use. Its easy, affordable and the battery and LED are replacable.


These are the few things you willl need: A pair of pliers or two, a bullclip, a coat hanger, tape, an LED and a battery for the LED

Making the coat hanger into the correct shape

Just bend the coat hanger like so and halve it, the cirlce for the corner is important. Its hard so use those pliers!!


mummify the ends of the coat hanger in tape around the bullclip. To get the coat hanger to go to the bullclip i just bent it up.

Attach LED and battery

Wrap tape around the batery and slide the LED into place so that it turns on. You should put the two wires on the top of h…

By: thingygoboom

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