Oatmealfight shows you how to make a juice box pinhole camera –

Remember those juice boxes from when you were a kid? Well, aside from containing some of the tastiest beverages known to humankind, they now have an ulterior purpose. Ladies n’ Gents, I present the Juice Box Pinhole Camera.

Juice Box Pinhole Camera – Link.


  • Make Video Podcast: Make a Pinhole Camera and darkroom- Link.
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  • Functional art pinhole cameras – Wayne Martin Belger- Link.
  • HOW TO make a medium format pinhole LEGO camera- Link.

From the pages of MAKE:
Make 356

Panoramic Pinhole Camera. Lenseless and low-tech, pinhole cameras have always been maker-friendly. But forget the Quaker Oats carton, and go wide with this roll-film, panorama design. MAKE 09 – Page 92. Subscribers, read this now in your digital edition or subscribe to MAKE!

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