Right, bored again, so i decided to do this. These are mild steel arrowheads, so you won’t need to heat treat them, or do anything really difficult. You’ll need a piece of mild steel about 4 inches long, a little more than 1 inch wide and it needs to be think enough so it’s not flimsy. You’ll also need some files, i used a triangle one, a flat one, a half-round one and a fully round one. You could just use the triangle one, really, but you’d be better off using specially shaped ones. You’ll also need a bench vise to hold the metal and a grinder if you don’t want to sharpen them by hand, and an oilstone to smooth them off. There’s probably more stuff, but I’ll cover that later.

Mark the shapes you want.

I made 2 to show the possibilities …

By: Vendigroth

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