Make your own paper tiara. This is very easy and will take you less than 2 minutes.

1 Sheet of paper

Get one sheet of paper

Fold the paper

Fold the paper hamburger style and keep it folded.

Fold paper again

Fold the paper again vertically so that the left and bottom sides are creased.

Unfold the paper

Unfold the paper so that it looks just like it did in step 2

Unfold again

Unfold the paper again so that it is the whole sheet but has two lines running through it

Fold two triangles

Then fold two triangles so that it looks like an arrow on one side.

Then do the same thing

Do the same thing on the other side to that it looks like a diamond with space in the middle.

Fold the triangle

Fold the triangle so that in look…

By: pisaacson

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