This Instructable is designed for the lazy computer user who loves many different websites, but just is too bored to type the URL in the address bar every time you log on to the Internet? Am I right?

So, I will explain how to make a desktop shortcut that goes to the website of your choice.

Happy Surfing!

Code in Notepad

Step 1For those who know where the notepad is, open it.

If not follow these steps.
-Go to the Start Menu
-Click All Programs (Or move your mouse over it)
-Move your mouse to Accessories
-Scroll down to Notepad, and open it.

Step 2When you have Notepad open, you have to type in a short code. Don’t worry it is only 2 fragments! Code to type in:


Thats it! After start, just ty…

By: Brennn10

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