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Refik writes in and shows you how to to build your own ECG device & heart monitoring system –

This article should teach you how to build a simple heart monitoring device, ECG/EKG (electrocardiograph). In the United States and Worldwide million’s of people are losing their life because of heart failure. It is a disease that comes with diabetes, stress and etc. Before I continue to explain what I did, I would like to WARN you! 500mA (miliAmps) on 220V will completely destroy your nervous system (so run it from battery supply), check everything twice and you are responsible for it on you own.

How to build your own heart monitoring device, a simple ECG – e-dsp – Link.


  • DIY ECG Electrocardiograph kit – Link.
  • Low cost ECG Tester – Link.
  • EEG & EKG schematics – Link.
  • Homemade Electrocardiograph – Link.

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