This is my second instructable that I learned in science class a few months ago. It is cool because after a few steps you can crush a can faster than you can blink.

Things you Need

The Things you Need.

. A can…

. A stove,or bunsen burner. (some kind of heat source that can boil water)

. Tongs (to hold the can while heating it).

.A bowl (to fill with water)

. Water (room temperature water to fill the can with, and cool water to fill the bowl with)

Let’s get Started!

Okay, here we go. First fill a bowl with cold water, then fill your can about 1/6th of the way full with room temperature water. Next, using the tongs hold the can over your heat source until you can see well defined steam rising from the drinking hole. Last step, …

By: Run N Gun

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