Kurtoskalacs is the oldest hungarian pastry. It translates as chimney cake. It was origionally made by wrapping the dough around the chimney pipes. I ate it for the first time in Budapest this past summer. My mother ( who is 100% hungarian) told me she used to make it as a child with her parents. I made a Kurtoskalacs maker that we could use in our fireplace and on a fire pit.


The supplies consist of:

4 Angle (offset) 1/16" thick 3/4" x 48" Aluminum angle rods.
1 3 1/2" x 2′ dowel (doesn’t have to be exact diameter. the larger the better)
2 brass or steel rods (again size doesn’t matter too much)
urethane glue (or any high temperature metal wood glue)
nute and bolts ( 1/2 inch length worked for me)

drill, sawzall, ha…

By: adrian.hashizume

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