Awhile back a reader asked what the MAKE digital edition is and what the links in the blog posts do if you’re a MAKE subscriber, so here’s a quick screencast/video I made. You can view it here or get the MP4.

MAKE Digital Edition is a vivid replica of the print edition of MAKE, it offers an experience very much like the print magazine plus many additional benefits, such as online searching, embedded multimedia and printing. Please note that MAKE Digital Edition can be viewed from any web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.) and requires NO DOWNLOADING of software (it’s not a DRM’ed PDF, just a log in and password) – giving you instant access to your entire MAKE collection. You can share it, print it and get extra content – we have the FAQ here too.

What is MAKE – Digital Edition?

  • How do I add digital editions to my subscription?
  • Do I pay more for digital access?
  • Can I get just the digital edition?
  • What technology do you use for digital editions?
  • What am I entitled to view and search?
  • Can I share MAKE – Digital Edition with Friends?
  • Can I print out articles from MAKE – Digital Edition?
  • And more…. Link.

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