this hand gun has a 30-40 foot rang, is 11 inches long and very accurate

The Barrle

You will need
2 long gray rods
8 yellow connectors
18 white circles
1 white rod
1 orange connector
2 gray connectors

Put the 8 yellow connectors on the 2 gray rods
Then put 7 white circles on the gray rods
Then the trigger, 1 orange peace and 1 white rod
Then put 11 more white circles on the gray rods
Then put 1 gray connector at the end or the gray rods
You are finished the barrel it should look like the photo above

Handle X2

You will Need 3 yellow rods
3 Orange connectors
10 spacers
The photo above should be able to help you put it together

Firing Pin

You will need 1 gray rod
1 orange connector
1 peace of tape
The photo will help you put i…

By: patsowers

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