Build and decorate your own wall lamp.
It’s cheep, it’s easy, and it’s fun!

Electricity – materials and instructions

I bought the parts and put it together by myself.
You can actually use a ready made lamp and skip this part.

1. Electrical cord + plug + switch
2. Contact mount
3. Swivel
4. Master socket
5. Nipple
6. Washer
7. Dual socket
8. Wall mount

A. Connect the Nipple (#5) into the Swivel (#3)
B. Screw the Washer (#6) onto the Nipple (#5)
C. Insert the thin end of the Electrical cord (#1) into the Nipple (#5)
D. Connect the cord to Contact mount (#2)
E. Connect the Master socket (#4) to the Swivel (#3)
F. Connect the Dual socket (#7) to the Master socket (#4)
G. Connect Wall mount (#8) t…

By: arava

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