Why is it that all the things i make involving heat are small?
There’s the coal forge, that was fairly diminutive, but i digress.
by-tor the snow dog asked me if the coal forge got hot enough to do glasswork. ( http://www.instructables.com/id/EG8B14NNJJEYMW0DC9/#CEXLBVSRGSWEZ7BDCQJ ) Basically, it does, but i wouldn’t recommend it, because the hot coals will stick to the glass ans it’d be manky, so i decided to make a clean, hot-burning furnace using what i had lying around.

Get the Stuff

The first step is, as always, get the things you’ll need.
I used the Refractory glop i sued for the coal forge -i’ll keep using this until i find something better, IF i find something better- and a can. The can should hold about half a kilo and, even …

By: Vendigroth

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