This little guy could be a target for one of those office guns, like the super maul gun or mechanical pencil gun, or just be a little buddy to put on your desk, or just throw him away when your done, and just use this as a time-waster

Getting Your stuff

First off, your gonna need:

an empty can of any kind,
two ink refils from any normal bic pen
two washers, not huge, but normal size,
duct tape

also, you can have colored duct tape, a sharpie, and something
that will fit ontop of the can that is fun 🙂

now put the duct tape all around the can, but not on the top or bottom

The arms

now wrap the duct tape around the ink part of the pen,(you know, the casing, not the tip)

Tape on the arms

Take a small piece of duct tape a…

By: your mom

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