15 minute Tilapia! Rich in Omega-3 fatty acid for all of you growing boys and girls (brain growth/development doesn’t stop until you’re ~25) 🙂

The lady of the house needs a healthy diet – expect more balanced meals in the future.


Tilapia Fillets
Vegetable Oil (about 1/2 tablespoon per fillet)
Bread Crumbs*

*If homemade, add salt, pepper, basil and lemon zest. All to taste.

Prep – Preheat Oven or Toaster Oven to 375F

Cover a baking sheet with tin foil and lightly grease.

Place a washed and dried fillet in a small bowl and pour over a half a teaspoon of vegetable oil. Gently rub in the oil to coat evenly.

Move fillet to a separate bowl with bread crumbs and coat evenly. Then place on your foiled and greased baking sheet…

By: trebuchet03

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