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High Wind Advisor
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Driving Force
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Bearing See Wide Byu
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I checked out Andrew Smith’s sculptures and really liked them, so I asked if he could send some photos and a bit about how he works –

From Andrew:

I approach my work with a very wide expectation of what a certain piece may become. A lot of this is determined by what sort of shapes and objects I find in the studio.

Most of it is trial and error, a kind of form follows function construction process. If an element is not working or just doesn’t do what I had hoped, I will cut it off and try something else.

I enjoy the raw creativity in this process. Art doesn’t always have to be serious, political or even emotional. Sometimes it can just be fun. Some people have a hard time understanding my sculptures. “Whats does it do?”, they ask. I usually answer, “It’s doing it.”

Artist: Andrew Smith – Link.

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