A quick knife with few tools and some prep work.

There are a lot of pictures, and I hope they help explain what I am doing. Sorry, no action shots. I don’t have anyone to hold the camera : )

Let me know what could be clearer, and what I should take out. Doing it is so much easier than trying to explain how to do it for me.

Where to begin…

Since this is going to be a knife, we need some decent (if not good) steel. Hmmm, well, here’s some bits of high carbon steel. All of these pieces started out as springs, some have been worked a bit.

If you start with a ‘new’ coil spring from a car, it will need to be cut down. I find it easiest to throw the coil spring into a bonfire, let it get hot, then cool off (anneal, or soften, or remo…

By: jtobako

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